Pikeland Public Schools Foundation awarded over $21,000 in Teacher Grants to the following recipients:

Pikeland Libraries – over $1800 for book purchases
PHS English II & English IV – classroom set of Chromebooks with accessories
PHS Band – marching bass drum; valve trombone; jazz, pep, and concert band music; marching band field shows
Lauren Vinlove – classroom set of TI-30xIIS scientific calculators
Brianne Gerecke – classroom set of coordinate grid dry-erase boards and Paper Geometry Book with paper sets
Dawn Collver – subscription to Scholastic “Action” magazine
Mark Still – DVD showing the disassembly of an engine
5th Grade Teachers – classroom sets of the novels Silent to the BoneAl Capone Does My ShirtsPeeledFreak the Mighty, and No More Dead Dogs
Callie Sears – binding combs and covers for vocab booklets and bell ringer journals

The foundation appreciates the local donors who have made these purchases possible as well as the teachers who put purpose and drive behind their requests.

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